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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Everything you want to know For Covid-19 Vaccinated

  Everything you want to know: Get vaccinated if you have had coronary heart disease? What are the side effects? Is it true that impotence occurs? Learn all about vaccines

    Impotence is just a rumor, not a single case has been found so far

    Antibodies were not found shortly afterwards in a number of individuals infected with corona

There are two doses of the vaccine, the second dose is to be taken 6 to 8 weeks after the first dose and antibodies against the corona are usually developed in the body 20 to 25 days after the second dose. However this depends on the body composition of the person. In some cases it takes more days for the antibody to develop. This means that if the mask and social distance are not taken care of after taking the first dose, there is a possibility of corona infection.

However, so far those who have been infected with the corona vaccine have found the symptoms to be mild and the severity of the disease to be low. Thus, this vaccine is proving to be a life saver. The Covishield vaccine does not contain any corona viruses. So not only can this vaccine cause coronary heart disease.

Question: Do you have to wear a mask even after taking both doses of vaccine, do you have to follow social distance?

Ans: Yes, vaccine protects you from dangers. Getting vaccinated does not mean having a license to take risks. That is why it is advisable for you to follow the Covid guideline even after taking both doses of the vaccine.

Question: If I have not had corona so far, what should I do with corona vaccine?

Ans: Just because you have never had a corona does not mean that you will never have a corona. If you come in contact with a positive person, you are more likely to get a corona infection. Therefore, it is more advisable for you to get vaccinated.

Question: If I have corona, I will have antibodies in my body, so what should I do with the vaccine?

Answer: It is true that antibodies are developed in the body of individuals who have successfully beaten corona, but a basic study of how long these antibodies last is still ongoing. Antibodies were not found shortly afterwards in a number of individuals infected with corona. Preliminary vaccine studies have shown that people who have had a corona increase their antibody levels if they get vaccinated. Therefore, it is important to get vaccinated even if the corona is gone.

Question: How true is it that taking the corona vaccine leads to long-term impotence?

Ans: This is just a rumor, no such case has been received so far. On the contrary, the company's scientific studies on the vaccine have shown that the vaccine has no adverse effect on masculinity.

Question: What information do I need to give to the doctor at the vaccination center before I get vaccinated?

    Whether you are allergic to any medicine, food, vaccine or Covishield ingredients.

    Do you have a fever or not?

    Whether or not you are taking any blood thinners.

    Whether or not you are taking any immunity boosting drugs.

    Whether you are pregnant or preparing for conception.

    Let me know if you are breastfeeding your baby.

    Whether you have been vaccinated against corona before. It is important to consult a doctor before taking this vaccine.

What to look out for when getting vaccinated?

People who come to get the vaccine should not come on an empty stomach, but with a little snack. Take a simple paracetamol tablet if you have a fever after taking the vaccine and going home. No unnecessary heavy medication is required to relieve pain after vaccination.

What are the side effects of vaccination?

    One in ten people are likely to have such effects, which is very common

    Pressing where the injection is given can cause pain, heat, red rashes or swelling.

    I don't feel well, I feel tired.

    Feeling shaky or feverish.

    Headaches or joint pains can occur.

One in ten may have this general effect

    Injections can cause tumors

    Fever or vomiting may occur

    Fever, cough, cold, sore throat

    This can happen to one in 100 people, which is not considered normal

    Dizziness, loss of appetite

    Abdominal pain.

    Sweating, very itchy

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What medicine should I take if I notice any side effects of the vaccine?

If any side effects are noticed after taking the vaccine, take the medicine given by the medical staff from the vaccination center. However, if there is any problem, consult a doctor.

Who should not get vaccinated?

The vaccine is only for those over 18 years of age. Pregnant or breastfeeding women may not be vaccinated. In case of serious illness, consult a doctor for vaccination. The vaccine can only be given if there is any illness and it is 4 to 8 weeks after recovery.

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