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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Corona: Gujarat's borders sealed More Then Corona cases

  Corona: Gujarat's borders sealed from today; RT-PCR negative mandatory for entrants from Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan

 Corona: Gujarat's borders sealed More Then Corona cases 

    All passengers entering Gujarat from Rajasthan will be given entry only after testing

    The Maharashtra-Madhya Pradesh border along with the health department will also be stationed at the police department checkpost

From today, RT-PCR test has been made mandatory for people entering the state from all the borders connecting Gujarat. The state government will give entry to the state only after testing all the passengers entering Gujarat from Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The government has taken this decision in view of the increasing number of corona cases in Gujarat. Entry will be given only if the result is negative after conducting mandatory test at four borders of Rajasthan connecting Banaskantha.

The process of thermal screening and antigen test has been carried out by the personnel of Banaskantha Health Department at the checkposts connecting Amirgarh, Tharad and Dhanera to Rajasthan. On the other hand, tourists entering Dahod district through Madhya Pradesh should be required to undergo RT-PCR test and report within 72 hours should be negative. Only then will they be able to enter Dahod district. Apart from this, medical screening of all those entering Dahod district from the border will also be done.

Somewhere checkposts were set up

Checkposts have been set up at Khangela, Tanda, Agawada, Meenakyar, Neemuch, Kankankhila, Chaklia, Dhavadia and Patwel in the district to prevent passengers entering Dahod district from Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan without a negative report of RT-PCR test. Along with the police department, the health department will also be on duty here.

Where to check for passengers coming from Maharashtra?

Maharashtra accounts for more than 50 per cent of the country's daily corona cases. The Gujarat Public Health Department had made Corona's RT-PCR test mandatory for passengers entering Gujarat from Maharashtra. In addition, health screening of these passengers should also be done, the Standard Operating System (SOP) said. Then these passengers have announced guidelines for entering Gujarat by air, rail and bus.

Guidelines for the report

If a domestic passenger enters Gujarat from Maharashtra, his RT-PCR test must be negative within 72 hours. Airport officials will have to show the report. If there is no RT-PCR test report, the passenger will have to undergo RT-PCR test at his own expense at the compulsory airport. Arrangements have been made for RT-PCR testing at international and domestic airports. If the passenger is negative he will be able to continue his journey. Positive passengers will be institutionally quarantined. In addition, they will be thermally screened at the time of arrival of the passenger. If he shows symptoms of Corona, his RT-PCR test will be done at the cost of the passenger, which will cost Rs 800.

Guidelines for Railway Department

Passengers arriving from Maharashtra must keep the Corona with the RT-PCR report within 72 hours and show it when requested by the Railway Officer. If it is not tested within 72 hours or there is no test report, the passenger will have to take the test at the railway station. The passenger who is negative will be able to continue his journey, while the positive patient will be institutionally quarantined. The Railway Authority will have to take up the responsibility of screening the passengers on their arrival, while maintaining social distance in the meantime. These rules will be applicable for passengers coming from Maharashtra to Gujarat.

S.T. Guidelines for the department

Passengers entering Gujarat from Maharashtra by highway should also have reported RT-PCR of Covid-19 within 72 hours. If the passenger does not have such a report, he will not be allowed to enter Gujarat. Thermal screening of passengers will be done on the border of Maharashtra and Gujarat. If they have symptoms of fever or corona, they will have to undergo an RT-PCR test, at the expense of the passenger. If the passenger is negative, he will be able to travel in Gujarat. The positive passenger will have to go into institutional isolation.

Entry only if RT-PCR test is negative

Record breaking cases are being registered on corona in Gujarat. The state government has taken some steps as per the Epidemic Diseases Act 1897, which came into force on April 1, to ensure that all persons coming to Gujarat from other states undergo RT-PCR test in the last 72 hours. They will be admitted to the state only if the test is negative. In addition, compulsory screening of all persons coming from other states will be done.

As on March 31, more than 2,300 cases were reported

Corona is now wailing in Gujarat. The 2200-stabilized Corona case has risen in just 4 days and the record-breaking highest case has been reported. The state reported 2360 new cases in 24 hours on Tuesday evening, while a 2004 patient beat the corona. 3-3 in Ahmedabad and Surat and 1-1 in Kheda, Mahisagar and Vadodara, a total of 9 patients died. With this the death toll has reached 4519. Corona's recovery rate in the state is 94.43 percent.

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12,610 on active case and 152 on ventilator

The number of new patients and the number of discharged patients have been increasing in the state for the last 39 days. Earlier on February 20, more people recovered than new patients

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