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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Eye test

   Eye test 

. The App is FREE. 

Deal with your vision.  It can't supplant an optician's normal full assessment or instruct concerning an ophthalmologist, however with this vision test you may find that your vision disintegrates and you need to visit a specialist. 

90% of all data that comes into our minds is visual. That is the reason eye care is so significant. 

The benefits of this eye test are that it is not difficult to utilize, it is absolutely free, it gives visual sharpness estimation measurements (history, graphs, and patterns). You can likewise plan the next eye test (day by day or week by week). 


- Place your telephone roughly 40 cm/16 crawls from your eyes. 

- Close each eye in turn 

During the test, you will see various items. Attempt to distinguish shown object. The arrangement of items is irregular. That forestalls learning the arrangement and speculating the appropriate response. 


- Several eye diagrams are accessible: Snellen graph, Landolt "C", Tumbling E, outline with pictures for young children 

- Objects are shown haphazardly 

- Measurements insights are accessible 

Download APP


This application isn't expected to supplant the optician's normal full assessment. We suggest you get a full eye test subsequent to utilizing it.

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